Texas Heat - Gerry Bartlett

Texas Heat

By Gerry Bartlett

  • Release Date: 2016-12-06
  • Genre: Suspense


A surprise inheritance. A family of strangers. And a man she can’t avoid . . .
Cassidy Calhoun can’t believe she’s the secret daughter of an oil billionaire. This small-town Texas girl with student loans by the barrel has never gotten a thing she didn’t earn for herself.
The terms of her late father’s will say Cassidy—and her newfound spoiled half-siblings—must work a year at the family’s floundering business before they inherit a dime. Too bad the only thing Cass knows about oil is that it makes the junker she drives go.
Mason MacKenzie, the evaluator for their test, will help her get up to speed. Or will he? Mason is a boot-wearing, truck-driving Houston hottie who runs Calhoun Petroleum’s biggest rival. The sparks between him and Cassidy could combust any minute. But the closer they get, the more strange near-accidents Cassidy seems to be having. And Mason has plenty of reasons to play up their attraction for his own benefit.
If she can trust him, the two of them working together might save a crumbling dynasty. But if she can’t, Cass might just lose both her fortune and her heart . . .


  • Lots of family drama!

    By Burton 74
    A secret family, a billionaire company and threats against Cassie's life. This has a great plot and plenty to keep the reader engaged in the story, but I struggled with the characters at play. The heroine, Cassie, had a good head on her shoulders. She grew up working hard for everything she had with her single mother. She suddenly finds out her father knew about her and gave up rights because of a scandal Cassie's mom knew that would ruin his billionaire oil company. Upon his death, she finds out she and her siblings must work together for her fathers company for a year to get their inheritance. Every character in this story, excluding Cassie, seemed spoiled, selfish and didn't have a lot of honor. The hero had a hidden agenda, Cassie's mom denied her rights to her father, the siblings were just plain spoiled brats and the ex wives were detestable. This book is great for the readers that love all that drama. This book wrapped up Mason and Cassie's story but not the overall story that will continue into book 2. ARC provided by NetGalley.